Monday, January 12, 2009

In Vino Veritas

On this rather uninviting Monday, with the prospect of decidedly inhospitable conditions later in the week, the SSCP returned to his labors as a member of faculty. Although term begins Wednesday in the midst of our Alberta Clipper (whatever did happen to global warming?) the first days of the week are our sort of preseason, punctuated with rather tarsome and largely unproductive meetings. Today however was one of little more significance, for it marked the arrival of our new president, hot from nearby Harper College, to rescue the listing S.S. COD from the perils of the deep. We wait with interest to see how things develop.

I had received some weeks prior an invitation to a reception, I believe the word "lavish" had been used at some point, to mark the occasion; and I replied in the affirmative without much expectation. Receptions at the college are generally marked by a culinary standard that would make a state penitentiary blush. Add to that the inevitable absence of drink and one is left with the question "Why bother?"

Some months ago I was inspired by experiences in educational circles abroad to a write a piece for our newsletter on this whole business of drink, or rather its absence, and the college. Such is my immodesty that I invite you to read it here, since I am rather proud of it. (I know that's wrong.)

Today I am required to revise my article. Dr. Breuder, for that is our new president's name, makes no secret of his love for wine, a love that I entirely resonate with, Dulcie and Aylwin's recent flight to beer notwithstanding. The reception featured wine. Shock! Horror!! In a community college!!! In the middle of the afternoon!!!! I was in slight disbelief when I was asked at the reception table if I was drinking wine and if so was that one glass or two? Well, in honor of this historic moment, two glasses was the only response. And these were not Lucky Jim glasses of improbably small dimension, but healthy pours that would not disgrace a wine bar. Thus was I fortified for the evening's board meeting where at I was due to deliver some sharply worded remarks in the general direction of the BOT, or at least one of its members. More on that later. Hic.

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