Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Digestive triple threat

My traditional morning repast of Go Lean (but not lightly) was almost rejected entirely before it could perform its work below when opening the Tribune yesterday morning revealed not just one but three of the most vile creatures in Illinois all together. This was of course the morning of Macblugo's nauseatingly self-serving and desperate parade before all the blabbing shows watched by people that don't have to work for a living and who care little for truth or accuracy. Apparently he made a believer out of Geraldo Rivera, which should tell you all you need to know.

It turns out that Macblugo is following the growing trend of hiring publicists rather than lawyers when caught in a pickle; the same firm that "represents" suspected murderer Peterson is now doing the same for the soon-to-be-ex guvnor. So, I have to wonder what sorts of folks can work in these sorts of firms that are able to work with these sorts of people. To borrow a phrase, they either have a lot of testicular virility, or, more likely, absolutely no conscience. No mirrors will be found in the office bathroom within which they can survey their black inner souls. Or else there is a bunch of portraits in an attic some place.

The odious Ryan who, mercifully, escaped the mercy of the soon-to-be-forgotten former President, despite the best efforts of the senior senator from Illinois, man of many faces Dick Durbin, and another vile visage from guvnors past, James Thompson, (who I once dined in the same restaurant with, the late-lamented 302 West in Geneva), was in the news as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize for his part in declaring a moratorium on executions and clearing death row. Ironically, he can probably hold Macblugo partly to blame for his failure to escape his rightful resting place with a presidential pardon. His case is being championed by a professor from the University of Illinois, Francis Boyle, who has the nerve to claim that Ryan's incarceration is an act of revenge by the pro-death penalty Justice Department. While UIUC is an excellent state university, a place at which the SSCP's progeny currently attends, it clearly does not have uniformly high standards across the board. What qualifies one to be a professor of "Human Rights" I wonder?

While I am entirely against the death penalty for any crimes (I often find it puzzling why the pro-life people are almost always ardently pro-death when it comes to adult punishments), I do not for one second that Ryan's late acts where motivated by true compassion or concern for the rights of individuals. Witness his response to the hired truck scandal that claimed the lives of six children and his annual shaking down of employees for his (cash only, small bills please) Christmas bonus. No, it was a completely cynical act designed to deflect the gaze away from the investigations that finally and properly nailed him. In any case, I think it is a bit of a stretch to parlay that act into a Nobel Peace Prize thing even if the motives were honorable. There again, one can win Nobel Peace Prizes for making inaccurate films about climate change these days.

So of the three who is the most vile? While Peterson lacks all the trappings of corruption, he is the one suspected of murder. How many are there out there who presume his complete innocence in all of this? Other wife beaters and abusers of women perhaps. It might have turned out differently if, back in the day, the verdict on the death of wife number three had been returned differently. I am no coroner, but I would have found drowning to be an unlikely cause given the victim was lying in a bone dry bath with a large gash in her head and a pool of blood in the bath. That is Will County for you. Sort of Chicago west.

Ryan has blood on his hands indirectly, the dead children innocent victims of his corrupt schemes. His response to the problem was to try and cover up the investigation. He has never been contrite, unless you believe the letter scripted by Thompson to coincide with the clemency appeal. I remain unconvinced.

Macblugo, despite the parallels of our Thane of Ravenswood with that Scottish play, has not, so far as is known, killed anyone directly or indirectly. He has made the bigger fools of us though, which in part could be said to be our fault for electing him a second time.


joel (the chem newbie) cacini said...
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joel (the chem newbie) cacini said...

I beleive Drew Peterson tops your list. In fact, he asked a lady i knew if her daughter would like to come over and play with his daughter on a little play date at his house. She said she will only abide if Peterson's daughter went to her house. However he did not like this idea....i wonder why?

Anonymous said...

I think we shouldn't be over judgment to our neighbors.But rather pray for them. love them like how God love us all. Also, know that the wages of sin is death.One day we will all be judged by our God who create us base on how we lives our life.
To the author, what do you think?

shirazgirl said...

love people to your heart's content. But beware of the Greeks bearing gifts or of Drew Peterson using playdate and daughter in the same sentence.