Thursday, January 1, 2009

"I am a tool..."

Certainly quote of the day, arguably quote of the year, and possibly quote of the decade. Thus spake craven, dull-witted, shameless Roland Burris, Macblugo's appointee to the Illinois Senate. Thanks to the self-serving bungling of the rest of the gang of Illinois politicos; who could have acted swiftly to pre-empt an appointment, but didn't for fear of wrecking their own chances or worse actually allow for a proper election; Macblugo, at his brazen, preening best, seized his opportunity. In the aforementioned Burris, he found a more-than-willing accomplice. While any man blessed with even a morsel of conscience and half a pair of bollocks would be unable to look in the mirror and touch the outstretched hand of Macblugo with the longest barge pole available to man, Mr. Burris apparently leaped at the opportunity with open arms, ambition besting honor. There is apparently in his mausoleum, built by his own hand to commemorate his lack of achievements, space to record one more inglorious act.

With this act of folly closing the year, can we now likewise bring down the curtain on all this fanciful, self-congratulatory talk about America getting past the race issue in the election of the new black King Arthur? Though as my aging father observed from his distant vantage point across the pond, "He's not really black is he?" Out of a sense of respect for political correctness, I said nothing.

What more nauseating sight was there on election night than seeing the bloated face of Je$$e Jack$on, father of an over-reaching $on, blubbering as if on cue to the cameras in Grant Park? Unless you include self-proclaimed empress Oprah conferring the proverbial fifteen minutes on some nobody by resting her head upon his manly shoulder, also on camera. Was that not the same Je$$e who a few weeks earlier had wanted to cut nice Mr. Obama's nuts off?

There is always a tendency to get carried away on these big occasions, and lots of people have lots of things to say. Some of them, like me, only get to say talk to themselves on their little blogs, while others have to occupy oceans of time on TV and radio, or write penetrating columns for newspapers and magazines. I would like to think the right person won, the intelligent person won and forget all the rest of the ballyhoo about triumphing over race and stuff.


Anonymous said...

When are you going to get the vote and help clean up this state? :)


Anonymous said...

What vote?