Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The more things change...

Monitoring election events from a safe distance, I discerned that the taller, thinner darker one beat out the shorter, rounder, paler, and I believe more feminine one, last week in the corn state. The latter managed to reverse the result last night on the east coast by apparently shedding a tear. New Englanders are an emotional group - must be their English heritage.

I don't talk to voters, but I do read the papers, and in searching for why the taller one, with at least five weeks experience as a state senator, is so popular, I learn that it is all about "hope." He has had the audacity to pen a book with "hope" in the title. Hope is a good thing; we would probably all be perpetually depressed without it; our faith is based largely on it. So, okay, why should people think the taller one can deliver on it?

Being in Chicago I perhaps have a different perspective from the rest of the nation. I know, for example, when given an opportunity to provide real change in Cook County by endorsing a genuine candidate, the taller one endorsed the spawn of Stroger, and the subsequent election of the Toddler, yea even yet wrapped in his swaddling clothes, the continued abuse of local government was assured. And what about the taller one's neighbor, or sometime neighbor, indicted fixer Tony Rezko, who just so happened to be able to deliver a nice property for the young senator? And just how tightly tied into that beacon of hope for change, Mayor Daley, is our audacious dreamer? Did he not back the champion of bicycles in the recent joke of a mayoral election? And just how did the taller one's missus land some "vice-presidential" post at over $300 K per with University of Chicago Hospital for doing what exactly? Okay, I read that she quit that job to become a full-time campaigner, nice to be able to make that kind of choice, but the question is still valid.

So, I'm not convinced that the taller one in fact represents any kind of change from the status quo and the system; he is part of the system. Anyone who goes around believing in this change thing is delusional.

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shirazgirl said...

I look back at the savage "Dean Scream" and wonder to myself why his overzealous enthusiasm was criticized so excessively. His red faced rant cost him a considerable number of votes. But,a blubbering, hormonal, perimenopausal Hillary wins the hearts of the stay-at-home moms across the state. How could that be? I suppose it shows the relatability of Hillary. Every woman can relate, some way or another, to the tirade about swollen feet, bulging varicose veins and split ends. But complain to eachother over a cup of coffee. Don't consider a female presidential candidate simply because she's "real". Furthermore, after that random display will Hillary be able to contain herself when dealing with wicked dictators of the world. All we need is for a hot flash to send her into an uncontrollable crying jag. Seriously, if the Dean Scream was so "unpresidential" we have to maintain those standards when the American people are considering an emotional female to run this country. No thanks! Get back under that desk, Hillary.