Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A few green leaves

Tribune was an interesting contradiction in messages this morning as the cover page was alerting us to the health risks associated with green leafy produce (number one riskiest food according to the FDA), while the Food section extolled the virtues of green leafy vegetables.

What can a poor boy do?

Of the other items on the top ten list, I can accept the presence of oysters; every oyster is in a way a dice with death; it is the only food that I both love and yet fear. Take into account that oysters are pretty small compared with the others, then it's obvious that they are pretty dangerous. Yet there such relative innocents as potatoes and cheese.

I prefer to take the approach that all this agonizing over safety is a waste of time. If one were to follow the guidelines about dealing with fresh produce, one would be consigned to a lifetime of tasteless food: way too much washing. And what is life without a little risk?

It's been a while since I've had oysters.
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Terry said...

Was there a top 10 safe foods to go with it?

Nervously eyeing my salad,


Aylwin Forbes said...

Good point T. As I am about to launch into a nice slab of bloodily raw pork (I prefer pork and chicken really rare don't you?) I don't recall a ten safest foods to set aside the ten least safe. Though what could they be? If greens, eggs potatoes, cheese and fruit are all on the ten worst, what can be left? I should note that meat was excluded because this does not fall under the auspices of the FDA; and as more than one film has nauseatingly illustrated, safety standards with meat are fairly horrific.

Incidentally, monitoring your running exploits, courtesy of Nike (exploitationists) with considerable envy. Seems like you are jogging a marathon every other week.

Terry said...

Urrgh might go vegan. Tweeting unlikely distance running likely to stop soon as am undergoing Amsterdam Marathon on 18th Oct -- followed by grateful return to inertia.


Anonymous said...

what is few green leaves?