Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friends for Education 502

Social networking, an activity that is generally anathema to me in RL, is a wonderful thing on the in'ernet. Just this morning I was checking out the new Facebook group for Friends for Education. I can feel I have a ton of friends just by joining it. One of the members of that group is Sandy Kim, one of the candidates endorsed by Friends for Education (I guess if it was the more grammatically natural Friends of Education, FOE would be rather negative), who faced down the forces of evil last week I described on a recent post. Sandy has her own group and I joined that one too. Imagine my surprise when I found a link to my blog on her Facebook page! This must be a candidate I can trust.

In all seriousness, the election looms come April 7th. The appointed Objector is slinking away, leaving a swathe of destruction in his wake. He will not be forgot, nor will he be missed. The incumbents who are running identify the correct vote by their names: McKinNOn and NOvak. Do I need to spell out the reasons why? The electoral board shenanigans rife with conflicted interests is one. The three-headed presidential monster is another. Where is the fiscal responsibility they so like to tout in that? A building program bursting the budgetary schemes is another. A complete lack of care or interest in education, students, needs of the community. Concepts of mission and vision jettisoned. COD in the news for all the wrong things. Dallying with disreputable activists (Horowitz) which results in floods of appalling publicity across weirdo websites (this is not one of those).

The ones to take their places all care about the community and the college. Sandy is one of them. Kim Savage is another. So is Tom (or is that Thomas?) Wendorf, not to forget Nancy Svoboda.

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