Friday, August 29, 2008

Where did the summer go?

Noting with horror that the last post was July 22, more than a month ago, I am left wondering where the time went. My gentle readers, all four of them, though perhaps I exaggerate, are probably pondering the fate of the Super Savvy Cyber Professor. It has been just a blink of time between the fierce heat of July and the beginning of a new academic year at the college of last resort. In truth, my Argonne sojourn; another triumph for my two wonderful students Amanda Manley and Julie Bafia, who were such great ambassadors for the COD; combined with a full load of teaching - a torrid evening class with a very intelligent group of high performers that lacked only personality - left the SSCP a little drained and lacking both time and creativity to attend to his blogging. Immediately after the end of term began Dulcie and Aylwin's Big Beer Adventure, which involved driving the big Acura to Portland, Oregon in a quest for craft beer. Connection to the outside world, i.e. the internet, at each roadside motel was occasionally a fickle thing and the driver's tired arms were normally in no mood to attend to his blogging. Over time some reports of our adventures in Beervana - how Portland is known in the beer world - may emerge, but my main conclusion from the journey is that America is very large. The maps do not lie. The other main conclusion is that America is by far the most advanced brewing nation in the world and should no longer tolerate cheap jibes from the likes of the English about weak (it never has been actually), tasteless (that has been just) beer.

I was going to write about my reaction to the beginning of term but now I find I must prepare for class. More later, but I did want to register my continued existence, lest you were concerned.

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Snipper "Book Zeller" said...

Ah, I am glad the .Jar still exists. While I would still check, I occasionally would wonder if I would be seeing updates and getting my daily dose of insight!