Thursday, June 5, 2008

FIA endorses spanky

As predicted in this column several days ago, Max Mosley was able to hang on to his seat on the FIA more successfully than he holds on to his trousers when there are whip-lashing prostitutes around. The margin of victory, 103-55, was larger than I had anticipated. Motoring federations around the world appear comfortable to have their figurehead indulge in S&M orgies in his "private" life.

The vote is not truly representative of the importance of the member organizations. As Paul Stoddart (an entrepreneurial former F1 owner from Australia that patrician Max despises) remarked, 80 % of the countries that voted yes people wouldn't be able to recognize. Those that voted no include places like American and Germany, and manufacturers of some note - Honda, Toyota... What does it matter that the United Arab Emirates chief of motorsport was fulsome in his support of the trouser-less one? Motorsport in the United Arab Emirates? Something about turbo-charged camels I suppose.

What these rich folks who get to play at being important in things like the FIA will find when they get to play favourites is that people will realize they don't need them. It is already happening with organizations that matter already leaving. Does the FIA actually do anything important? Certainly not for F1.

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