Friday, September 14, 2007

Mayor on a bicycle

Interesting juxtaposition of pieces in the paper yesterday: ludicrous photo of Mayor Daley (the words stick on my key pad) pratting around on a bicycle in Paris (on the tax payers' Euro) and a damning condemnation of the pathetic and useless CTA's approach to track safety.

Does anyone take this buffoon seriously? Can he believe that we do? Never listen to Daley while dining; it will result in instant regurgitation. He would be an almost entertaining comic figure were it not for the fact he is the puppet head of a massive organization of self-interest and corruption. It is an indication of the magnitude of the hubris of people like Daley that they cut figures on bicycles while the real transportation infrastructure crumbles while under the inept control of patronage cronies and henchmen. To think that the CTA is touted as an asset for the misguided Olympic bid - another Daley ego-trip. A comparison of the eight cities in the bid shows that the CTA boasts a far greater track length than the others; what the comparison doesn't show is that none of it works effectively.

Instead of poncing around on a bike His Honour should take a look at the Metro and come back and demand the CTA should copycat that. I would use it.

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