Sunday, August 26, 2007

Now is the summer of their discontent

My loyal fans, all two of them (perhaps I exaggerate), must have been wondering as to my fate. I sometimes wonder how these professional blogger types manage to conjure up something worth saying every day; or perhaps they don't but just say it anyway. Anyway, summer activities at Argonne are over; my days as a highly paid but under-respected TA are done; Dulcie and Aylwin's adventures in the Pacific Northwest are a thing of the past (observations to follow); the new term has just begun.

The new term has indeed begun and it is always exciting to meet the new crop of students. I hope that they don't take too much notice of Ratemyprofessor as my ratings have taken a bit of a pounding of late. Since we converted to semesters, the summer night chemistry class 1552 has become more intensified since we cover half a year in 8 weeks; under quarters, it was only a third of a year. I have noticed the impact on performance has been quite drastic. I am not sure that the students who enroll for the summer really anticipate how demanding that makes it. Naturally, some of those that struggle hold me entirely responsible for their grades. One suggests that I obviously don't like my job; another claims I must add my own ratings for else how could they be good. It is amusing to me that those peevish scribes who claim I cannot explain anything are the very ones that don't attend the lectures, never participate in anything, don't ask questions, hand in pathetically inadequate lab reports, never seek me out in the generous allocation of office hours. And, shock of shocks, they lament loudly an exam that interrogates ability.

I just hope the new students are not dissuaded by the torrent of negativity.


shirazgirl said...

Considering the grammar and spelling of said critics you could have provided an answer key to your exams and they still would've had difficulties. I'm just disappointed that you lost all of your chili peppers.

Snipper "Book Zeller" said...

I feel bad because apparently it was my review that was mistaken as our main man reviewing himself. I guess they thought my use of a U as very forbes-y.

Ratemyprofessor is an interesting place. Its unfortunate students who had a good experience do not often review while students with negative seem to ALWAYS review. Indeed, with my atrochious (...) spelling, i try to make it gramatically correct.

With such a high overall rating, a few mindless negative ones should never discourage the J-master himself

Humbly yours

shirazgirl said...

Any doofus would have been able to recognize the obvious play on words. I thought it funny, myself, but what do I know? I actually enjoyed the class and hated for it to end.

If these students feel the need to assert themselves and blame the good Dr. because they had to do some thoughtful work, then so be it. I believe McDonalds is looking for someone to manage french fry production.