Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Postscript on the Dark Lord

Dulcie complains that I am obsessing on the Dark Lord experience, known popularly as DLD. I think it has something to do with repeated references to "growlers," the large brown bottles that were a strong feature of the event. You cannot be a beer fanatic without owning a growler it seems. Being by nature a researcher I felt obliged to join the cyber underground network through which all these beer "lovers" communicate. Not surprisingly there was extensive discourse on the DLD experience. What it lacks in erudition it makes up for in monosyllabic misspelled passion - dude. I recognized the fanatic from Cincinnati with whom we chatted and was thrilled to find ourselves referenced. Indeed Dulcie and Aylwin are now anonymous footnotes in the history of DLD. Our friend described meeting

"one couple well after they were sold out that had read about it in the paper and showed up just to see what it was about. They were clueless and not really gaga over craft or high intensity beers, but they thought it was a cool scene regardless. I offered to sell one of my DLs but they weren't really seeking it."

I would have purchased but for the lack of the ready money. Silly me didn't think this would be a cash-only event. Indiana, what would one expect. I think I should take the appellation "clueless" as a compliment.

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