Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Early thoughts of a novice blogger

Well, I just took a look at what I had composed previously, and there it was, looking all professional like and elegant in its custom template. I am feeling content. I think I could almost change the world with this new found power. I'm sure that is what all the other 10,000,000 bloggers out there are all thinking.

I have often wondered why the walls in public toilets are now much cleaner than they used to be. Where did all that humerous and thoughtful graffiti go? Did all the intellectuals stop going to the lavatory en masse? No, they are all blogging instead.

My readers will have to be patient with my while I adapt to this new world. And over the next few postings I will enlighten you all as to the nature of the rather suggestive title. Gordon Ramsey fans though might get the point quicker. It's about chemistry...

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